Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Fisherwomen by Amelia Washbourne

Whilst out with my camera wandering around Herefordshire I came across an unusual scene. Instead of the usual men dressed in camouflage sat with all their fishing gear, boxes and rods, stood by the rivers edge was my friend, the fisherwomen.
I have known her for over 20 years yet I only recently discovered one of her passions was fishing. A keen angler she tells me, every chance she gets you will find her is out fishing. Many years a go I used to go fishing along the Wye river but over time life just got in the way.
Whilst capturing the moment I realised how relaxed and happy she was, in her element away from the daily grind. For a moment it took me back to my childhood, those days spent fishing on the Wye I had almost forgotten.
Since discovering my friends passion after all these years next time we meet alongside the river Wye, you will find dressed in camouflage, rod cast and me in between capturing the moment.